Fluid & Functional

by jth4



Fluid & Functional, the bread to my audio engineering sandwich. The project began before I started Zeleno's class and ended afterwards, providing me the much needed "not-a-school-project" project to feel more natural in process rather than expecting and exploring.

The journey taught me about the distinction between energy and volume. This, in turn, opened up awarenesses as to what "balancing a mix" means in application. Specifically, I used the Waves C4 multiband compressor on the bass guitar in a Pultec-style curve and on the acoustic+vocal tracks to tame harshness and honkiness. Additionally, I checked the phase on drums after noticing a washed-out sound and (after having tried EQ-ing the top end, panning to adjust phase, and multing a high-end send) aligned them manually to restore their crispness.

The songs themselves were all improvised back-to-back and recorded in the living room on a Tascam DR-07MKII. I love the energy of these songs and I think they definitely are both fluid & functional.


released September 29, 2019

Recorded 2018 / Mixed 2019
In a tiny urban cottage in the North Western Land Of Trees.

Audio Restoration (attenuating the headphone cable noise!) by dmitriyrusanov >> www.fiverr.com/dmitriyrusanov


all rights reserved



jth4 Oslo, Norway

Indie rock, indie folk and electro jams. Having a blast. Check out my music videos on YouTube!

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Track Name: Born To Fly
Born To Fly
jth4 2018 improv
Key: E

Da-da-da [x] aaaa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aaaaah
Da-da-da [x] aaaii-ii-ii-ii-ii-aaaaah
[x] Ah-na-na-naaiiiiii
[x] Hiiiiiiiiii
[x] Hiiiiiiiiii

O-o-hiii-ii-ii-iii [x3]

With lid left loose
With lid left loose
With lid left loo-oo-oo-oose
With lid left loose
Born to fly-y-y-y-yy-y [x4]
Ah-ah-ah-ah [..]
Let go-o-o-o-o [x3]
Born to fly-y-y-y-yy-y [x4]
Born to fly-y-y-y-yy-y [x4]

With the lid left loose
Cuz I need to breathe
With the lid left loose
Cuz I - I need to breathe
With the lid left loose
Cuz I - cuz I - I - I need to breathe
Track Name: Fluid & Functional
Fluid and Functional
jth4 2018 improv

Waking up my body
Closing my mind
I got chores on the list
I got grass in the bag
I got bruises on my spine

Hat in the head, I mean
Head in the hat
Whatever, fine
It all rewinds in time

It's where you play it
It's where you save it

Cold in my body is a contestant today
I'm tired of yelling and I need to warm up
Lyrically, I can't see when I spray
It's not my eyes, it's not my hands, it's not more
[X] Than it has to be
It's not more than it has to be

So it has to be
If it's gonna lift up
It's gonna have-ta be eno-o-o-o-ough

Looking out for sunlight it's another rainy day
I thought it'd freeze me but [x] I learned to grow
Through the illusion that it's me that needs to feed on soul
It's just the other way - a soul needs my body
It's just the confidence that only a good meal can bring
It's just a heartbreak you weren't in your body fully
To see it [x] to know it [x] to bring it to reality

I'm gonna kick it cuz it's cold in my house
I better put on my socks, I better bring the hat out
I better put on the jacket, attach it to my back
And let my mouth move, make the music melody mack

It didn't have to be [x] so tragic
It could lifted up with colors from South America
It could be left alone and turned into a habit
Or it could act upon the neighborhood and help the sun
Shine brightly, hide all the skyscrapers [..]
Shine brightly [x] and hide your skyscrapers
Shine brightly [x] and lose your skyscrapers
Shine brightly [x] and lose those skyscrapers

Lookin at the clock, just passed through time
Nothing but my mind and imagination creating'
Containing units of thoughts called objects
That you savor on
You wonder why he takes so long to say nothing
Well aint it wrong to move into style?
To use the fuel as the fire
I guess the action of contraction is compact to critic
Look your mind inside its eye and spit it
Give it a wishy-wash and let it dry in the sun of the sign of the liars
There's no fun in the fire

Never stopping, never droppin' this instant
Containing the unit is a power of piston
I guess it's lifted it up, I guess it's done the work now
I guess it goes home and makes some soup and falls asleep with its wife

You left me inside alone
Don't you know I get claustrophobic
You took out the lights
Don't you know that I'm afraid of the dark
You took my home
Don't you know every man needs a ho-o-ome
Ho-o-ome is where the heart is

Just a receipe for getting it going
There's need to explain it cuz it's always showing us more problems
If there's a recipe for getting it going
Then slather that bad boy on the Interent in a pdf and let me know
Gotta make the magic
Gotta make it happen
Gotta make the action
Fluid and functional
Gotta make the magic
Gotta make the action
Gotta make the action
Fluid and functional

You see me at plaaaay
But see me chaaaaange
Into a thiiiiiinngg
That you've never seen before!
That you've never seen before
But I love it oooo
But I love it oooo
But I love it ohhh-ooo
But I love it oooo


Where's your sailor's hat?
I thought this was a ski lift
Where's the matter of fact?
I thought this was logical
I guess I'm the fool

Guess it's logical
Guess that I'm the fool
Guess it's logical
And that's all that's needed

Track Name: It's Fun To Feud But Let's Not Fight
It's Fun To Feud But Let's Not Fight
jth4 2018 improv

You look at me like you've never seen me before
Baby how long
Have I held you in my arms?

You act like we ain't ever fought before
Well baby how long
Have I looked in your eyes?

O it sounds good
To act so rude
It's fun to feud but let's not fight

Cuz baby it's right now
It's you and me right here
My dear
Do you hear?

A candlelight
Warms me, keeps me going
Without that
My sight would fall flat

Cognitively there
But physically impaired
No movement without a fight
No movement without a fight
No movement without a fight
And I'm scared

Painting names
Of strangers to spread cheer
Hanging frames
Bought from the grocery store
To spread some chee-ee-eer
You can't hide what's not here
You can't hide what's not here


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